Radio Interviews

There has been a great deal of interest in the book from radio stations across the U.S. Here’s a list of some times and stations for a few upcoming live interviews for anyone interested in tuning in:

May 31, 11:30am ET: THE FRANKIE BOYER LIFESTYLE SHOW, WBIX/WXBR Radio, Boston and National

June 1, 8:40am ET: MORNING SHOW, WGVU Radio, Grand Rapids, MI, NPR affiliate

June 1, 10:00am ET: LET’S TALK, WBOI/WBNI/WQSW Northeast Indiana Public Radio, NPR affiliate

June 1, 11:00am ET: THE ROUND TABLE. WAMC, National Productions, NPR, Albany, NY

June 6, 8:00 am ET: STRATEGIES FOR LIVING, KEEL Radio, Newsradio710keel in Shreveport, LA

June 6, 1:00pm ET: THINK, KERA RADIO, NPR in Dallas, TX